Ancillary Equipment – Options

Liner gland clips
Used to position the decant gland and lock the liner in place before filling.
Grasping Tool
Used to position and fit the liner into the container.

    White Valve and Cutting Pin
Discharge of liner bag
To decant the unit, a valve with
either a pin or crown cutter is used
to cut the sealed membrane.
External Valve
Various vlaves are available and
are made from FDA approved materials.
2” Drum Major Tap 2” Straight TH rough Tap 2” Cutter Adapter

Liner Bag
A wide range of liner bags are
available which are produced from
multiple layers and seam welded.
They also carry FDA, HACCP and Kosher approval.
Various connectors are available.
The connectors are attached to a
filling or discharge hose with the
hose either connected to the filling
or decant gland.
Filling Bridge
The filling gland on the liner bag
is connected to a filling bridge for
easy filling.
Tamper Evident Seal
The tamper evident seal is used to
secure the eight locking handles on
the lid and forms part of the HACCP compliance.

Tamper Evident Cap
THe tamper evident cap protects
the discharge area during transportation / storage and is part of the HACCP compliance.
Aseptic Membrane
Pusher Cutter
Decant Lance
Used to decant high viscosity products.
Elbow Spout
Numerous other accessories are
also available.

Heater Mat
Thermostatically controlled heater
mat. Positioned under the liner prior to filling and used to assist flow with high viscosity products.
Ball Valve Assembly
Option for decanting.
Automated Container Washing Station Download PDF here!

Operational Tips    
2 Part Pusher/Cutter Assembly
Download PDF here!
Fitting the Liner
Download PDF here!
Liquifold Dispensing
Download PDF here!


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