Ancillary Equipment

Tote Solutions offers a comprehensive inventory of ancillary equipment to ensure product handling efficiency and safety across a broad spectrum of applications. With a wide range of valves, fittings, adapters, heating mats, tamper evident seals, plus various tools, and accessories we have what you need for many different filling and discharge applications.

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IBC Seals

Discharge Cap Seal 1
Discharge Cap Seal 2
Discharge Cap Seal 3

    Discharge Cap Seal

    This seal is used to seal the bottom discharge area of the LiquiFold 315-gallon IBC for HACCP compliance during storage and transportation. The cap seal will be fixed to the gland / valve adapter by snap fitting it in place after the filling process is complete. To remove the discharge cap seal the middle section is torn off. The cap is fully recyclable.

    Lid Handle Seals 1
    Lid Handle Seals 2
    Lid Handle Seals 3

      Lid Handle Seals

      These two-part seals are used to secure the LiquiFold 315-gallon IBC lid handles in place for HACCP compliance during storage and transportation. To install, the inside part is inserted into the lock handle of the IBC, and the outside is snap fitted into the inside part by a finger grip. To remove the seals, it is necessary to tear or cut the two parts until they separate. Both parts are fully recyclable.

      HPT Seals 1
      HPT Seals 2
      HPT Seals 3
      HPT Seals 4

        HPT Seals

        This seals proprietary and engineering technology allows it to have a unique and thinner diameter, that is 40% stronger than similar industry alternatives. The combination of increased strength and a thinner diameter is a critical benefit when securing items that require a seal to fit through small apertures. User friendly & quick to apply with the added benefit of security tracing using sequential numbering or barcodes makes the HPT seal for IBC’s a versatile option. Material is manufactured HDPE that is food grade compliant.

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