Liqui-Trip 275 Gallon Liquid Tote

When looking for an economically efficient solution, cardboard totes for liquid transportation are top-tier. Transcom LiquiSet is a patented disposable 275-gallon IBC liquid tote. It's an economical, dependable, and environmentally friendly alternative to other rigid intermediate bulk containers where packaging recovery is undesirable or uneconomic.

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Liqui-Trip 275 - Cardboard IBC Container

The Liqui-Trip 275 is a safe and strong one-way intermediate bulk container. Made of six layers of reinforced heavy-duty triple/triple wall corrugated paper, transport bulk liquids, non-hazardous liquids and chemicals, pharmaceutical products, and food and beverage at a low cost. The 1041-liter corrugated cardboard tote is delivered flat-packed to maximize storage space and reduce shipping costs. In fact, the cardboard IBC takes up 80% less warehouse space compared to other non-collapsible liquid totes.

  • (10) Liqui-Trip 275 Cardboard IBC Containers can hold 2,750 gallons of liquid. Empty, they take up 1 pallet position or 32 sq. ft.
  • (10) Bottles in Cages hold 2,750 gallons of liquid. Empty, they take up 10 pallet positions or 125 sq. ft.
  • (48) 55-gallon Drums hold 2,640 gallons of liquid. Empty, they take up 12 pallet positions or 192 sq. ft.

One streamlined unit, the cassette and its pre-folded liner made of FDA-approved materials ensure the filling and emptying process is simple and efficient. This one-way, environmentally friendly IBC container can be supplied with a lightweight honeycomb pallet. Valves and other accessories are also available to provide a cost-effective, durable, and recyclable packaging solution for the food, beverage, and specialty chemicals industries.

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