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Tote Solutions is constantly looking at ways to innovate and reduce waste while advancing our sustainability. Care for the environment has always been our guiding principle, which has resulted in solutions and partnerships based on providing responsible packaging with several sustainability attributes that align with consumer expectations and values.

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We recognize the connection between financial and environmentally friendly manufacturing, storage and logistical solutions is getting stronger all the time. The environment is of major importance to us which has resulted in an eco-friendly focus with all our supplying partners and products. Our responsible packaging solutions address both how the product is made and what happens after the consumer uses it.

Our flat pack IBC system eliminates the need for large quantities of disposable packaging materials and offers an efficient environmental option. The foldable, reusable system saves on return transport diminishing any negative impact and the use of disposable recyclable sterile liners, remove the requirement for container washing and the resulting effluent. Other container and ancillary equipment options offered through Tote Solutions include recycled and/or recyclable cardboard, plastics, and metals as we strive to lower our carbon footprint.

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Colin at Tote Solutions has been our supplier for a decade already. He is available any day, and anytime from anywhere in the world, even during his vacation. His tote liners are extremely reliable, and that is the most important aspect about them, their quality. His North American Supplier is well certified to match and guarantee their production and our requirements. Colin takes to the time to train any new customers that is not familiarized with the collapsible totes. Colin cares greatly about our success, and I couldn’t ask more from a partner such as Colin at Tote Solutions!

Thank you for your support Colin

Fazio Foods

Tote Solutions’ name says it all. In my 31 years selling canola oil products, I have not had such exceptional service & support for the totes or liquid accessory requirement Colin Stephens and Tote Solutions provides. His follow up and attention to detail are second to none. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND any business requiring liquid handling contact Colin.

Lloyd Watt
Richardson Oilseed

Tote Solutions has been our trusted supplier since 2006. Their ability to resolve supplier issues has been exceptional and we have always been able to rely on their special one-on-one customer service. We highly value our partnership with Tote Solutions!

Caroline Anderson
Procurement Supervisor