LiquiFold Caliber 315

A revolutionary packing solution for fluid handling, the LiquiFold Caliber 315 developed by Buckhorn, is used for a wide range of industries and situations. The 315-gallon capacity IBC is a highly flexible and efficient option for different types of liquids (e.g., dairy, edible oils, flavourings, juices, honey, syrups, cosmetic ingredients, non-hazardous chemicals), which are filled under varying conditions and demands on shelf-life.

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LiquiFold 315 - Collapsible 315 Gallon IBC Tote

The LiquiFold 315 is a multi-use, ergonomic, user-friendly intermediate bulk container (IBC) with a filling capacity of 315 gallons. Constructed of an injection molded, food grade polypropylene, giving it completely smooth surfaces to satisfy the strictest hygienic standards. This guarantees the safe storage, transfer, and delivery of your product. Designed for a wide variety of operations, including liquid handling and non-hazardous industrial applications, this IBC is a practical, cost-effective distribution solution.


LiquiFold 315 IBCs reflect the highest standards of hygiene for handling requirements of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic ingredients, and non-hazardous chemicals. They are molded from FDA-approved materials and feature smooth interior and exterior surfaces reducing the opportunity for product contamination and allowing for easy cleaning. The intermediate bulk container’s flexible liner bag is sterile and can be filled without introducing air into the container, making this 315-gallon capacity tote liquid food safe.


A reusable container system eliminates the need for large quantities of disposable packaging material, minimizing the associated waste and costs for disposal. These collapsible 1190-litre IBCs reduce the carbon footprint by limiting transportation requirements. The LiquiFold 315-gallon container is completely recyclable, and the used liners can be washed and recycled.


The high-pressure injection molded LiquiFold Caliber 315 intermediate bulk container is made from FDA-approved materials. Our 315-gallon IBC tote is designed to protect your product during extremely rough handling with reinforced side walls, stainless-steel retaining pins and strong overlapping integrated corners. The LiquiFold 315 has been tested for transport by truck, rail, and sea container. The high-density polyethylene construction withstands the effects of sun, wind, rain, water, ice, or snow and allows for long-term outdoor storage. The LiquiFold’s insulated walls provide temperature stability for sensitive products. For added security, tamper-evident seals can be placed on the top lid and discharge opening.


The high-performance construction of the LiquiFold Caliber 315-gallon IBC translates directly into bottom-line benefits, saving money and time with labour, transport, handling, optimization of storage and product utilization. This IBC features excellent design and ergonomic details ensuring ease and efficiency, allowing handlers to easily prepare for setup, filling, discharge, shipping, storage, and dismantling. The LiquiFold 315 bottom discharge unit will yield more product during decant as the surface area of the liner decreases as it empties, and the decant point positioned below the base of the container ensures minimal residue. The disposable nature of the liner removes the need for container washing and product-to-container dedication, often reducing the number of intermediate bulk containers required.

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