IBC Liners

Tote Solutions supplies bulk, food service, and institutional packaging products to ensure your liquid products arrive intact. Used to transport cosmetics, non-hazardous chemicals, and food and beverages, our range of liners meets the quality control standards of various industries, offering superior performance and reliability. Protect your liquid products and drive efficiency throughout distribution in abuse-resistant Amcor Shield Pack™ bulk liners that benefit manufacturers and end-users.

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Intermediate Bulk Container Liners

To meet customer needs, Tote Solutions offers various designs of liquid liners. From open-top to form fit to aseptic liners, our range of flexible bulk bags will fit your product-specific packaging requirements. Whether for corrugate, plastic, or metal, our liners are made in an array of film structures to preserve the integrity of your products in all types of IBCs. Protect sensitive aseptic liquid, processed food, and non-food products from moisture, oxygen, and environmental contamination with liners that offer ultimate reliability and sturdy 2-4 ply construction. Multiple fitment options are available to optimize the filling and dispensing process, safeguard your products, and streamline operations.

IBC Shield Pack™ Form Fit Liner

Designed and manufactured by Amcor to form-fit your intermediate bulk container, the cube-shaped design increases quality control standards and provides the ultimate reliability in protecting your liquid product. The intermediate bulk container liners use a quad design that accommodates 275-330 gallons and provides maximum pack density while reducing the risk of material getting caught in the liner's folds. The IBC form fit design reduces labour with easy setup and hands-free filling for high-speed top-fill applications. The food-grade IBC tote liner ensures no oxidation takes place during decanting operations. This allows partial usage and longer opened shelf life, plus it minimizes product residue. After emptying, the form-fit IBC liner can be replaced and sent for material recycling, reducing environmental impact.

IBC Shield Pack™ Pillow Liner

IBC pillow bags utilize 2-3 ply layers and a wide array of film structures for maximum defense. The pillow-shape format provides ease of handling and flexibility with any IBC container configuration. Custom pillow bags can be designed for critical product characteristics, specific storage requirements, and film formulations to fit your product packaging requirements. After emptying, the pillow liner is replaced and can be sent for material recycling, reducing environmental impact.

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