Ancillary Equipment

Tote Solutions offers a comprehensive inventory of ancillary equipment to ensure product handling efficiency and safety across a broad spectrum of applications. With a wide range of valves, fittings, adapters, heating mats, tamper evident seals, plus various tools, and accessories we have what you need for many different filling and discharge applications.

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The FlexiValve line of valves and adapters for intermediate bulk containers from Bailey-Wareham is all about superior quality. Supplying a comprehensive range of valves, fittings, cutters and sizes with multi-use capabilities and hand built with extreme quality control FlexiValve provides the best possible security and integrity for safe fluid filling, decanting and transportation. All products are made in a responsible manner to protect the environment by following programs for recycling, energy, and resource conservation by continually reviewing raw material selection, machine efficiency and energy consumption.

FV 201 - Valves

FV 202 - Adaptors

FV 207 - Pusher / Cutter

FV 209 - Fittings

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