Intermediate Bulk Containers

A revolutionary packing solution for fluid handling, the LiquiFold 65 has been developed by Schoeller Alibert for use in a wide range of industries and situations. The LiquiFold 65, 250-litre totes are a highly flexible and efficient system, stacks five high when full, can be heated, has excellent insulation, folds flat for transportation and complies with FDA, CFIA, Kosher and HACCP requirements for food-grade safety.

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LiquiFold 65

This collapsible 65-gallon IBC container system is designed for the easy and efficient handling of non-hazardous liquid products. Smaller and more maneuverable than your standard size IBC this unit is perfect for the distributors or end users of your product that have minimal onsite space. Already successfully proven in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and toiletry industries, the LiquiFold 65 intermediate bulk container provides an eco-friendly, cost saving and logistically efficient solution for fluids handling.

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